Sunday, October 04, 2009

We've got a winner?

The NHL season began for the local franchise last night. Fan and media expectations are raised after last season's playoff berth, and I'm among those anticipating good things from the team. Winning the opener was a nice way to kick things off.

Improbably, my NFL team of choice is 3-1 and very well could be 4-0 if it weren't for a fluke play in week one. (Of course, since Bengals fandom breeds suspicion that the worst is always around the corner--that linked play is a pretty good evidence for why those firm beliefs exist--they could well be winless thus far.) They're tied for first place a quarter of the way through the season and have shown an ability to be victorious when they probably haven't had any business winning.

I'm not sure if I'm going to know how to take being a front runner for a change. Yes, years of watching the Bengals has conditioned me to anticipate and receive the worst. Despite the wins, this year's team hasn't inspired complete confidence, especially since each game has been undecided until the last tick of the clock. It's seriously distressing, yet they're doing the unthinkable: coming out on top anyway. I could get used to that, but I'd appreciate more authoritative outcomes than these squeakers.



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