Saturday, September 26, 2009


Updates and a leftover from this week's blogging...

I intended to drop by the local yarn shop when I was in Nelsonville. I had e-mailed the shop owner to confirm the store's Thursday hours but didn't see the response until after I returned from the trip. On top of that the store either moved locations from when I was last in the town or I misremembered. The storefront where I expected to find it was empty. Of course, I hadn't bothered to check the address. Oops.

As for the dashboard issues I've mentioned with my car, it's not good. The dealership technicians finally were able to identify that the instrument cluster is bad. According to them it's not a matter of moisture or a leak ruining it, which I suppose is good. It's just a bad break that I bought a used car in good condition with low mileage that had this sort of failure shortly after the purchase. Still, I'm none too pleased about this expensive repair on top of fixing the trunk latch this week.

I will be writing to the manufacturer to complain. Something like the instrument cluster shouldn't be failing this soon. Web searches have turned up this problem in the same model, so I figure it's worth voicing my displeasure. I'm not expecting to get anything, but it can't hurt to try.

I'm one knitting session away from finishing the scarf I have on the needles. Yes, it should have been finished already, but being out of town one night and dealing with the car a couple times this week got in the way.

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