Friday, April 13, 2007

Letter from an occupant

The work week is over; the working weekend is ready to begin. Ugh.

This week wasn't bad, just busy and tiring. For better and worse, this weekend must be spent preparing for my move in 43 days. So while I'm dreading what must be done on Saturday and Sunday, I'm hoping that in 48 hours I'll feel relieved about how ready I am to change apartments.

Mentally I'm more than set, of course. Tonight's a good example. I came home after a longer day at the office than anticipated and wanted nothing more than to watch TV and knit in peace. It sounds like the football players' fraternity is tearing it up in the apartment below me. Thankfully the stoner apartment beside me has been relatively subdued, although I've had to put up with the occasional hyena laughter and what sounds like elephants charging up and down the stairs. But enough of my moaning...

One bright spot today was the arrival of a letter from my secret pal in the Knitterly Letter Swap. Perhaps some day I'll devote an entire post to why I love getting mail, which was my main reason for choosing to participate. Anyway, thank you to Jessica in New York for her letter. If you're reading, let me know if you have a blog.

That makes two letters I need to write. I still haven't fired one off to my other secret pal, although her coffee cup cozy is ready to go. (Yes, I've started another one.) Seeing how Jessica chose to approach it gives me a starting point. I'm afraid I might write pages and pages otherwise. I even thought about typing out a rough draft, which violates the spirit of the idea, doesn't it?

I have an almost FO that I began after blogging last night. I've knitted another baby bib. I need some thread in the appropriate color to sew on the button before I can add another to my already ridiculous April FO count. I knitted a little more of the cat mat, which I need to have done by the time I go to Illinois for the film festival. It isn't the most exciting thing I've ever made, but the finished result should look good.

I thought I had more juice in me to write tonight, but I can tell that I'm flagging. So with that I sign off until next time...


At 12:28 AM, Blogger Karen said...

Good night, friend! I'm still up and it's well past midnight. Hopefully the partying students settle down soon.

Letter writing doesn't have to be hard. Make it like our emails, or like a blog post. Write it from the coffee cozy point of view!


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