Monday, January 22, 2007

Favorite Color Swap

Ruth let me know about a favorite color swap she's participating in and invited me to play along if I wished. Why not? It's secret, I'm secret. It should be fun, right? I believe I have used this space to profess my love for mail. (If not, here you go: I love getting mail.) I couldn't turn down the opportunity in which someone would be obligated to send me some. My neighbors may steal my newspaper and parking space, but they've left my mail alone, as far as I know. The most troublesome ones can't be bothered to take their own--seriously, they leave their lockable mailbox open and don't even remove what's in it for days--so I think I should be okay if there's a package in front of my door.

My biggest concern is selecting something too common to send. I assume that I shouldn't go to Joann's and pick something from their shelves. Everyone is supposed to get a questionnaire to assist with shopping for their secret pal, so we'll see what happens. If you'd like to take part in it, you can sign up until January 31. Just follow the link in the first paragraph or, you know what, here it is again.

I'm not a proud teacher, but I feel like one. Consider me a proud friend then. Donna has posted a photo of her first UFO. It looks like she's doing a fantastic job with her first scarf. How exciting!

As for my own knitting, I'm discovering that gauge makes a big difference, especially in regard to how fast I knit. My last FO was made with US 10s. I wouldn't say that it took a long time to knit, but the scarf I started on 11s yesterday will be done in a flash. On Sunday I zipped through the 50 gram balls of worsted weight yarn I'm double wrapping. That's right, I knitted 33" and am halfway done.

I don't know that I knitted for an exceptionally long stretch. It just sort of happened. I really like the color and texture of the Knit Picks yarn I'm using, so maybe I'm faster if using yarn that's more pleasing to look at and feel. Do two needle sizes up make that much of a difference?


At 4:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't worry too much about sending the 'right' stuff. If you are lucky, your partner will give you lots of information about what they do and don't like - I wasn't that lucky last time, but we won't talk about that! So I just went with stuff that I'd like to receive, unless of course your taste runs to un-fun fur. That seems to be pretty universally despised!


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