Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Fourth FO

So, my last two posts have been long and rambling... I'll try to be more to the point today.

We rejoin the purple scarf in a mess from my skein joining disaster. If there's a morning screening, then chances are Kristin is administering a post-screening knit repair. No salvage work from the car trunk this time, though. After seeing Fast Food Nation, what could feel more rebellious than going to McDonald's for lunch? My stomach grumbled from about the halfway point of the film to the end, so it didn't care what "extras" might be in that Big Mac.

She executed a fast repair at the fast food restaurant, and I was good to go again. Since I didn't need much yarn from the second skein to finish the scarf, Kristin suggested I use the remainder to knit a skinnier scarf for my mom. A doubly good idea! I'll get to look even more like the good son by making her two scarves. This second one, perhaps best classified as scarf #4a, will also give me a project until I can buy some more yarn. It's looking more and more like Friday will be when I can get to a LYS to restock, so this should fill tonight and tomorrow with knitting pleasure.

I resumed knitting the fourth scarf when I got home from work. I only needed to knit seven inches to get it to the desired length of five feet. I measured it after knitting for a half hour and saw that I had just three inches left. I knitted for fifteen minutes or so and remeasured. Hmm, what's this? Suddenly it's 64" long?

I've talked about my rumored knitting superpowers before, but there is no way I could have knitted this much in this little time. The scarf is very light and airy. Its length depends on how tightly it's pulled. For all I know, I might not have needed to join skeins in the first place and could have called this one an FO on Friday.

But who cares? I've finished my mom's purple scarf! Isn't it gorgeous?

The photo makes it look almost blue. It's probably a combination of the light in my apartment and how my camera renders colors. If I can, I'll take another picture that is more accurate in color reproduction.

I tried the scarf on for size and was really impressed with how soft and warm it is. It's the best (read: most expensive) yarn I've bought to date. The price and the struggles have been totally worth it. I'm really proud of this one. I'm certain my mom is going to love it.

Time to begin the companion purple scarf! Per Kristin's recommendation, I cast on seven stitches to my US 15 needles. (I did the other one with fourteen stitches on 13s and got a lot of length out of the yarn.) Once I started knitting, I understood why I had so much trouble beginning the other scarf made from this Katia Duende yarn. Even with my experience with this yarn, it was still kind of tricky. I knitted for a short stretch until the busy day caught up to me.

Next...some requests for reader feedback.


At 6:20 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

wow - that looks really really great!!! pat on the back to i see why you were having issues w/ that yarn...looks tricky! wtg, newbie! : )

At 9:47 AM, Blogger the secret knitter said...


It was tricky, but I think I finally got it.


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