Wednesday, June 08, 2011


-Last week I was at a place that had The Travel Channel on, and every show seemed to be about eating enormous amounts of food. Is making a 15-pound hamburger for challengers to eat really necessary? Doesn't it--and all food eating competitions, for that matter--seem obscene? (Sorry. I guess I'm humorless on this topic.)

-The campus gym had closed for the day, so I tried out the stationary recumbent bike at the apartment complex today. Strangely, trying to work out at approximately the same level on it was showing that I was only burning about a third of the calories than I do on the machine I've been using. Please tell me that this machine isn't properly calibrated. I'm inclined to think so, if only because I was really having to work for not a lot of results. (They were different brands and not quite set up the same, but I wouldn't expect there to be a huge difference.)

-I really need to turn in that passport application before it's too late. I still have plenty of time until I'll need it, but I meant to submit the forms about a month ago.



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