Sunday, May 02, 2010

Rain songs

Stray observations from tonight's rainy My Morning Jacket concert with opening act The Preservation Hall Jazz Band...

-Wearing a poncho was like being in my own little polyethylene bubble amid the crowd. It also gave me slightly more space in tight quarters.

-Apropos of nothing, there was a guy in the crowd wearing a full ape mask adorned with a hat with "party animal" on it. That was...weird.

-Bringing along a New Orleans outfit with a rich history might intimidate some groups, but one sign of a band secure with its own abilities is inviting a great opening act. The Preservation Hall Jazz Band was a lot of fun and a terrific start to approximately three hours of music.

-Why is My Morning Jacket not one of the biggest bands in America? They kill it live, and their recorded output isn't too shabby either. As I sort of said before, they would have been huge in the '70s.

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