Monday, October 12, 2009

Front row

I was pleased to have a seat in the first row of permanent seats for tonight's Wilco concert but became somewhat less enthused upon discovering my view.

That's what I saw when seated. To be fair, I could look underneath the railing and not have an obstructed view as long as no one--security, for instance--sat or stood in front of that. And in the end most everyone stood for the headliner. I did too, so my vantage point was this:

This was my fifth time seeing the band. The first was in 1997 in a since closed Columbus club. The last was nearly two years ago to the day in the same place. I had a significantly worse seat at that concert, although I remember it being an amazing show. Tonight's was good but not quite up to the level of the previous concert. It could be due to the more mellow setlist. Anyway, not a bad way to end a long weekend.

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