Friday, October 09, 2009

Cinema knits

Anymore Fridays (or weekends) are when I play catch-up on films I need to see. I caught two today. Both had knitting. As usual the knitting has no real significance; it's just become one of those things I document.

Paranormal Activity features the female lead knitting a garter stitch scarf while her boyfriend talks to her. The needles and yarn can also be seen on the nightstand later on. In this case I wouldn't be surprised if the actress, Katie Featherston, is a crafter as she is also seen doing beadwork. (Due to the cinéma vérité technique, it would be sensible that she's staying busy on camera doing something familiar to her.)

The Invention of Lying shows an old woman in a retirement home knitting in the foreground. That's pretty much all the knit content there.



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