Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Agatha Christie yarn

I shudder at the thought of writing, highlighting, and underlining in books. Call it my inner librarian. (Actually, I worked at a library for a brief time in high school.) Nevertheless, I can admire the artistry in the work of those who alter books.

One altered book contest winner knit a wrap with strips made from the pages of an Agatha Christie book. Unfortunately I've not been able to find a good picture of it. This one shows more of it but doesn't give a sense of how it might look when worn. Of course, no one would wear it as a garment, but at least seeing it draped across someone's shoulders would give a better idea of how it looks.

As unimaginable as destroying books is, I also balk at the thought of how tedious knitting with this material must be. Just think of all of the gluing needed to make the "yarn" and the care that would be needed to avoid ripping it while knitting. Better yet, don't.

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