Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Repair despair

Returning to knit night has given me a set period of time to work on projects, but outside of those evenings my knitting hasn't been terribly frequent, save for fleeting moments of inspiration. Mainly it comes down to feeling like I have so much going on that I don't do anything.

Tonight I made sure to sit down and knit for a couple hours while listening to not-so-good commentary tracks on the 30 Rock DVDs. I needed to blow off some steam and improve my mood because my car threw a couple more surprises at me today. Keep in mind that I purchased this used vehicle slightly more than two months ago--it's the newest car I've ever owned and has the least mileage on any I've driven--so unexpected repairs are not welcome.

While out during lunch I noticed that the miles on the odometer had disappeared. In its place was a service code of some sort. Per my dashboard issues a couple weeks ago and the rain the last couple days, this wasn't exactly a surprise, but it wasn't something I was pleased to have happen.

Then, after putting some things in the trunk, I found that it wouldn't latch. What the...?! I took it to a dealership again. Once more they couldn't tell me anything about the electrical issues in the dash because the service code was not displayed and they didn't know what it meant. They won't do anything until they can see the symptom themselves.

The latch? They were more than happy to fix that at a deflating cost...and oh by the way we don't have the part and probably can't do it until Friday. At this point I'm hoping the car will show this stupid electrical issue so they can take care of it then too. I'm not happy about the money it's costing and was in a foul mood after leaving the dealership--the appalling cable TV news in the waiting room didn't help matters--so I knew I needed to knit to get over the repairs.

While I did have the knitting in my messenger bag and could have worked on it in the waiting room, I confess that I chose not to take it out. Right or wrong, I feel like doing that would peg me as a sucker to get taken for a bigger ride on repair costs. I could have used the stress relief then, though.

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At 9:36 AM, Anonymous LittleWit said...

Oh that's a bummer. I am sorry to hear about your car problems. Hopefully it will start behaving soon!


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