Thursday, October 11, 2007

Time in the hive

If the sign of an honest day's work is being tired when you leave, then I've earned my keep this week, today in particular. (A ten and a half hour work day without lunch will do that, I suppose.) While the work load has picked up this week, partially because we're still dealing with major problems that should have been resolved months ago, I put some of the blame on the blessing/curse of the short week. Getting Monday off was nice, but by Tuesday afternoon any relaxation in reserve was long gone.

The stress relieving qualities is why I took up knitting, right? Yes, yes, yes. So, what do I do when I feel too worn out to pick up the needles? How does that itch to knit get scratched? I'd rather not abandon it during the week and only work on projects over the weekend, but that's how this week and last have played out for the most part. I've been feeling too busy. For Pete's sake, I've intended to get my contribution to the Red Scarf Project in the mail for at least a week and come up short.

OK, now that I've used this time to blog and take a few breaths, perhaps I can try to do one repeat for the scarf. But the weekend minutes better watch out. I'm going to fill as many of those as I can with needlework.

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At 8:32 AM, Blogger Doniamarie said...

Eek! I hope today is better! Just think of all that knitting and relaxation....

At 2:03 PM, Blogger Karen said...

TGIF, Mark!


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