Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Knitting weather

A couple days ago the high slipped past 90. Today the high lingered around 56. Talk about an abrupt change.

No complaints here, though. It's nice to have a temperature that feels appropriate for the date on the calendar. Fall is my favorite season, so I won't be sad to say goodbye to these summery days.

I ended up getting home from work earlier than expected, so I took the extra time to go for a walk in the brisk late afternoon. I don't always exercise with my iPod in tow, but the chill in the air felt like the perfect accompaniment for taking my first listen to Radiohead's In Rainbows. The band's music conjures a future of metal and glass, burbling LEDs, and large, vacant spaces. It's the soundtrack for gray, cold days just like today.

The workout reinvigorated me, but after a hot shower and a quick, warm dinner, I felt like sinking into the furniture and hibernating. Duty called, though. Having skipped a screening the previous evening, I figured I ought to get out to see Dan in Real Life. I would have preferred to hang around the apartment, watch the hockey game, and knit the scarf, but I am still able do that now that I've returned from the film.

It feels like knitting weather, so I shouldn't be surprised that I'm ready to settle in at home with needles and yarn. I've finished one repeat for the Ruggles Reversible Scarf, which bears more than a passing resemblance to the Asherton Reversible Scarf. As you can see, the scarf isn't much yet, but it is the right project for the right time.

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At 6:32 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Fall is by far my favorite season, too. It's been rainy and cold for days here and I'm embracing it! I don't care much for the cold rain, but the temps are sooo much more pleasing than last week. I was so done w/ the hot weather that I turned the air on Sunday and didn't come out til it cooled down!

Can't wait to see the progress on the new scarf...the color is awesome!


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