Sunday, January 21, 2007

Everyday is like Sunday

Winter has been pretty mild so far. Some light snow fell on Friday, but there was no evidence of it by midday. More powder fell today. The temperature is low enough that it's stuck around, as you can see from this late afternoon photograph I took. I'm not accustomed to a lot of snow, but the reactions of locals never fail to crack me up when a little of the white stuff falls. You'd think a blizzard hit every time a few flakes drop. Reports claimed we received three inches, which might have been a problem around here if the snow was wet and heavy. The roads looked fine. I trudged through the snow to get to church and saw that attendance was down significantly. If it had been a school day, I suppose some would have been calling for cancellations.

Although I'm eager to move, I've always appreciated the convenience of where I live. I can walk to work. The library, some restaurants, and the car mechanic's shop are all within a few easy blocks on foot. So was my dentist until the office moved to a bigger place about a year ago. There's even a record store, which I'll visit if there's something I want that may be harder to find elsewhere. (The internet takes a lot of the trouble out of these searches, but I got out of the habit of going to it because the longtime first owner lived up to the stereotype of the independent record store owner. He tended to look down his nose at whatever you bought.) It's a little like a small town--I grew up in a village of 700--although with the advantages of being in the biggest suburb of Columbus.

Apparently there used to a three-story fabric or craft store within a block of where I live. Talk about being unaware of your surroundings. It has since been replaced by a pub--a big deal since alcohol hadn't been legally served here for 127 years (although the pub was not the first place to do it). I probably went by the place every day, but I never paid much attention to it because what use would I have for yarn.

While my collegiate neighbors enjoyed their late night with gusto, I mostly blocked them out with an iPod--David Bowie got the spins--and finishing the scarf for Levi, who was the first to publish any of my writing online. There's nothing remarkable about this scarf. It's all in garter stitch, although I knitted it on US 10s, which is a smaller gauge than I've usually used. Originally I was going to do it in blocks with two different shades of green. I couldn't find what I wanted, and I knew that with my current fidgetiness, I wouldn't be in any mood to sew in all of those ends. He'll have to settle for a single color. The only difference with this scarf is that I was able to refrain from counting the number of stitches after knitting every row.

Today I started a scarf for Donna's husband Noel, and hers won't be far behind. (I'm kicking around a couple ideas for it, so that's why she isn't up first.) I love the feel of the yarn. I want to begin another dishcloth but haven't found the right pattern. Since I'm using Lily's Sugar 'n Cream, I thought I'd find something on the Lily page, but that website must not have enough hamsters on wheels to power it. Very slow loading over there. If you have any recommendations, send 'em my way.


At 4:17 AM, Blogger Ruth's Place said...

Thanks for the picture of the snow! We are sweltering here, so it's nice to look at a cooler place.

At 3:47 PM, Blogger donnadb said...

Oh, you can't oversell the virtues of living near where you work. I walk to work every day, and everything else we do is within about five miles. I hate commuting so much, I can't tell you. Life is so much better out of the car.

At 1:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Favorite Color Swap! I've found that I like one basic discloth patten- simple, quick to knit, but pretty enough and very utilitarian. You can email me if you want the pattern, otherwise, the dishcloth botique has always served me well. Here's the link:

Happy knitting!

At 8:08 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

There are many great dishcloth patterns out there, but what I would suggest is picking up one of those pattern books from Joann's or another craft store. They are usually a few bucks and will contain ten patterns or so. That's how I started w/ dishcloths anyway. Here's a great pattern to show off variegated cotton.. I've made several of these and they were among the favorites when I gave everyone different dishcloths for Christmas.


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